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1212, 2016

Why you should watch Israeli TV-Shows on Netflix with subtitles

Speedreading is something all children in Scandinavia do. The first time you watch TV in Sweden you will immediately recognize why – everything is subtitled and broadcasted in original language. Even most Swedish language movies are subtitled, or can be digitally enhanced with subtitles for [...]

2002, 2015

Sheesh! These Scandinavian speed readers

Speed reading at the hands of outstanding school education? The Scandinavians are not only outstanding with respect to reading comprehension. The school system, in comparison to Germany, aims at deducing facts. Teacher-centred teaching, a common practice that is only slowly going out of fashion in [...]

2705, 2013

BrainRead’s little time saver for your daily flood of emails

Every day we spend a lot of time reading and answering our emails. The BrainRead- method shows you how to do it faster and more efficiently. Our daily morning exercise Turning on the computer, opening email application, checking mails. This is our daily morning exercise [...]

1904, 2013

Trust your inner voice- just not with reading

When it comes to reading, we stopped progressing. Well, that’s too bad because this keeps us from reading fast! It’s funny, when it comes to bicycling, we keep improving ourselves. Starting with a tricycle we proudly watch as dad removes the training wheels. Then, as [...]

1504, 2013

Speed reading is the internalization of thought units at a higher rate – How BrainRead works

A while ago my daughter came home with her physics test results. She was one point short of an A+ and very sad. I said: “are you kidding? That’s great!”. “No”, she said, “my BF got an A+ and I didn’t, even if I answered [...]

2703, 2013

Reading is a core competency that supports welfare

A remarkable experiment by nonprofit organization „PlanetRead“ has proved what a great impact development work can have. An example of capacity building of a special kind. One little thing.. “One little thing that had a great impact on the lives of a lot of people”. [...]

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