Reading fast and understanding more at the same time is only possible if your brain processes groups of words. Easier said than done!

It really is a pity that we weren’t taught speed reading at school. After all we live in a time where information is constantly available and a there was never so much to read like there is now. Unfortunately the average Central European reads only as fast as they speak- which is around 200 words per minute.

The click!factor

The problem with slow reading is not only the time you waste. It also affects your text apprehension. It may sound ironic, but the faster you read the more you understand. When you read at a slow pace your brain gets bored and starts doing other things (see also Reading faster means understanding more). At a reading speed of around 400 to 600 words per minute, on the other hand, it clicks and you are getting your brain’s full attention.

How you can do that? Stop reading single words and start reading groups of words. In this way you provide your brain with context and meaning, enabling you to process your reading material a lot better!


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