You could read faster- if you just had the courage to do so. Because speed reading means not relying on a safety net.

When you read, do you read fast from top left to bottom right without stopping at a single word or jumping backwards? I bet your eye does not only jump forward but also backwards. In some cases this behavior seems to resemble a two- steps- forward- one- step- backwards- technique. Bottom Line: You are wasting valuable time.

An example for regressions (taken from BrainRead – Effective speed reading. Nordic reading explained)

The reason for this is twofold. For one thing, it has to do with the way you learned to read. As a child you would read each letter one by one and then your eye would jump back to the first one in order to read the whole word: R . . . Re . . . Rea . . . Reading. In further consequence, you did the same with whole words. This habit is called „unconscious regression“ and is still present in our adult life.

The other reason is „conscious regression“: your thoughts start to wander and you have to read something again because you were thinking of something else while reading it (see also).

Up for an experiment? Open a Word- document or a website with a lot of text and count how many rows it has (without reading). Turn on your webcam and record yourself reading it. Afterwards, count how many times your eyes jumped from left to right and substract the number of rows. The result you get is the number of regressions you make!

In my book you will learn how to break this habit.


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