Reading from the top to the bottom is not always the most efficient way to handle a text. In order to reach high text apprehension while increasing your reading speed, try the BrainRead strategy.

The BrainRead reading strategy

Most people immediately start reading a text when it’s right in front of them. The sooner you start the faster you’re done with it, right? Unfortunately, this is not the proper strategy for getting the most out of a text in a short time. So, how about you try the BrainRead strategy!

Before you start to read ask yourself: What is the purpose of reading this text? What information do I need? What can I expect from the text, in this regard? These questions help you define your goal, which is important in order for you to read more focused. First defining the goal, then beginning the task ¬¬- that’s how you approach other projects too, right? So why not do the same with reading?

Skim it, scan it or chunk it

Depending on the length of the text you can then proceed with different strategies: You can skim it, scan it or chunk it, according to the goal you have set yourself. In my book “BrainRead” the BrainRead reading strategy is described in more depth. It provides several different versions, so that it can be applied on all kinds of reading material- be it an email or a hundred page dossier.


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