When it comes to reading, we stopped progressing. Well, that’s too bad because this keeps us from reading fast!

It’s funny, when it comes to bicycling, we keep improving ourselves. Starting with a tricycle we proudly watch as dad removes the training wheels. Then, as adults we get ourselves a bike with gears, a mountain bike or even a trendy road bike, because we keep improving our biking skills.

The inner voice

Our reading skills on the other hand, tend to be stuck in their early stages of development. We begin with reading letters and words out loud. Later we are proud, when we’re allowed to read silently, and are only asked to read loudly every now and then, so that the teacher knows that we read correctly. As adults, however, we stop developing our reading skills, even if we mostly read silently. That’s because our reading is still accompanied by our inner voice. It prevents us from reading fast.

We are able to read a lot faster than we speak

The numbers prove it: The average European’s reading speed ranges between 200 and 240 words per minute. This is exactly the speed we’re speaking at! So as long as we keep “speaking” the text we’re reading, we won’t be able to read faster.

How to get rid of your inner voice? It’s easy: You have to read faster. Find out how to do this in my new book.


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