You don’t have to focus on every word in order to understand what you read. Au contraire!

More work for your brain

As we move along a text row by row our eye transforms words into light signals and directs them to our brain via the optic nerve. There, the gathered information is being processed and assigned with meaning in different areas of the brain. So much for the biological aspect of reading.

Unfortunately, however, most people read a text word by word and with their inner voice. This means additional work for the brain. That’s because even silent reading activates the area in our brain which is responsible for the motor skill of tongue, lips and vocal chords, when we use our inner voice.

Get rid of old habits and start reading faster

If you’re asking yourself now, why you still read word by word- it’s because you are under the impression that reading like this leads to a better text apprehension. Unfortunately this is not true. Not only does it hinder you from ever reading faster, than you speak, there is also absolutely no use in doing it. It is an old habit from school days- no more, no less.

At school you’ve learned to first recognize letters and then whole words- but you were not taught the next step, namely recognizing whole groups of words with just one eye fixation. This is unfortunate because this tool is crucial for increasing your reading speed and text apprehension!


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