A remarkable experiment by nonprofit organization „PlanetRead“ has proved what a great impact development work can have. An example of capacity building of a special kind.

One little thing..

“One little thing that had a great impact on the lives of a lot of people”. Video This is how Bill Clinton described it on a “PlanetRead” convention. That “little thing” he was talking about was an experiment by nonprofit organization „PlanetRead“ and the indian film industry between the years 1999 and 2003. In those years they jointly produced movies in the native language with subtitles- in the same language. This facilitated that viewers could read along to what they were hearing.

The impact was remarkable: In the four years duration of the experiment 150 million indians learned to read. Along with their reading literacy their occupational outlook improved too- a fact that is confirmed by the OECD.

Movies with subtitles improve reading literacy

The fact that watching movies with subtitles improves reading literacy was found due to the studies about holistic reading conducted in Scandinavia. A number of other studies also show that not only in India it is important to improve reading ability: managers and professionals all over the western world feel overwhelmed with the abundance of information and reading material they have to deal with on a daily basis. Improved reading literacy and faster reading is now more than ever a highly useful skill.

Several European and American research studies have addressed this phenomenon. Their findings are the basis of my speed reading training for adults. You will here about them in my Brainread seminars and can read about them in my book.


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