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In Scandinavia there is no stress about learning. On the contrary: Scandinavian children are among the best readers in the world, as shown by the PISA tests. Several studies from different universities in Europe and Canada have taken on the question of what the reasons behind this achievement are. The surprising answer: It is not a result of better teaching methods but rather it is due the fact that most movies and TV programs are shown with subtitles – and kids don’t only want to see the Muppets, they also want to understand them! This leads them to start learning, even before they are old enough to go to school, how to understand subtitles as quickly as possible, in order to be able to enjoy watching television as much as possible.

In this way Scandinavian children learn a type of reading that is not practiced in other countries: The eyes evaluate an entire group of words, they don’t jump back to portions of the text they’ve already read, and there is no inner voice reading along silently. Scandinavians learn at an early age to absorb information in its entirety efficiently and quickly – with a very high rate of understanding.

In the English-speaking world, reading is learned differently.

Children learn to read between the ages of six and eight. They first learn to recognize letters, then syllables and short words, and later longer words and sentences. In order for teachers to be able to see that progress is being made, children read aloud, which is how they get used to hearing a voice while they read. Additionally, the subject of reading a text holistically never comes up. Most people stay at this reading level.

BrainRead® is efficient reading, the Scandinavian way.

BrainRead® was developed as a speed reading method based on the research about how reading is learned in Scandinavia. Author Göran Askeljung, born and raised in Sweden, has been a successful BrainRead trainer for many years. He has helped more than six thousand program participants to double or even triple the speed at which they read. Now, the BrainRead book will make his method accessible to the wider public.

In this clear and easy-to-read book, the author presents the factors that are essential to quick reading. He not only refers to the research mentioned above, but he also integrates relevant information from the fields of biology, psychology, and neuroscience in order to explain his method to readers as clearly as possible – since many barriers to efficient reading come from a misunderstanding and a lack of knowledge about how the brain works.

The book’s message is supplemented with reading tests and numerous examples, as well as exercises for the readers to practice what they have learned. In that same vein, the author is currently working to develop BrainRead® training software in the form of an app for the iPad and Android. Using a code from the book, readers have exclusive access to online exercises not well suited to book form, such as eye training using technology specially developed for the BrainRead® program.

The BrainRead® book and the BrainRead® App will be available March, 2013!

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