If you want to speedread you have to train your eyes like any other muscle. So send your eyes to the gym!

Your eyes work harder than you think

Have you ever thought about how hard your eye works while you read? It is a highly complex organ that sends light impulses to your brain, where the information you have read is actually being processed. In order for us to understand what we read several visual mechanisms are at work: certain muscles in our eye adjust the focus according to the distance of the text, the iris widens or narrows the pupils depending on the current brightness. Additional muscles again move the whole eye, enabling it to move from left to right.

Those muscles are exactly the ones that slow readers hardly exercise. As they read word for word their eyes are not challenged to work hard. The eyes of Speedreaders, on the other hand, are used to moving rapidly from left to right, from one row to another. Most people don’t know that this skill requires exercise!

Speed reading requires you to exercise your eyes

It’s the same as with any other muscle. If you want to improve your running performance and set yourself a goal to run 10 kilometers in less than an hour you have to train your leg muscles additionally. You would not only run several times a week, but you’d also train your muscles at the gym.

I advise you to do the same with your eye muscles if you want to learn how to speedread. In my new book (release in April 2013) you will find several exercises specially designed to train your eyes.


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