The difference between speed-reading and efficient reading is how well you understand what the text is communicating. How best to do this? Improve your reading skills!

Reading competency

One of your tasks at work is to take in information and use it to make move your project, your company, or your client forward. You have to filter through the information you get in reports and emails and then decide what to do next. When you research a topic on the Internet or in technical books or articles, you need to be able to sort out the relevant information from the irrelevant. Every day you’re bombarded with hundreds of new details just to “keep you in the loop” – and it’s up to you to decide which information is useful and which isn’t.

The faster and the better you can do this, the more successful you’ll be at work. It’s certainly not always easy: The volume of text we have to read is on a daily basis is enormous and much of it is poorly written and difficult to get through. Not least of our problems is that we get so much information that we don’t even need, but once we’ve spent the time reading it to figure this out, we can’t get that time back.

Speed reading

Reading quickly means much more than your eyes flying over a text. In fact, it’s a skill that everyone should learn. One component of it is to train your eyes to move more quickly, another is to ready your brain to best absorb the material. Additionally, there are lots of shortcuts and tricks you can learn to help you deal with a large volume of text efficiently.

When you’ve achieved all this you’ll find yourself at the intersection between reading fast and reading efficiently – where you’ll be able to read a text two or three times faster than you used to be able to and at the same time understand even more. The average American reads at 200 words per minute with a comprehension rate of about 50 percent. Readers who have actively worked on developing their quick reading skills read about 500 words a minute with a comprehension rate of up to 100 percent!

In my ebook release I explain how you can develop these skills.


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